Meet Addie Dorsey

Addie Dorsey

Addie Dorsey

VP | Operations

As Gambino Group’s VP | Operations, Addie plays an integral role in the team’s continued achievements. From targeted advertisements and media outreach to intricate spreadsheets and confidential documents, Addie is able to handle multiple projects simultaneously and successfully.

A Southern-native with a background in interior design and luxury fashion brands, Addie’s natural charisma, industry insight, and managerial skills have served her well when dealing with the various client personalities, diverse property conditions, and unique transactions she is regularly faced with.

Licensed as a real estate agent herself, Addie not only aids in the intricate deals of her team members, but also possesses the necessary knowledge to provide informed and valuable input. Whether it be listing agreements, contract offers, the escrow process, inspections, or referencing market trends, Addie specializes in efficiently walking clients through every transaction with transparency and a high level of communication.

In conjunction with her knowledge and skill set, Addie’s sheer level of experience with some of the most expensive properties in the world, high-profile celebrity clientele, and international marketing campaigns have given her incredible insight and credentials that exceed some of the industry’s most seasoned agents.