Meet Andrew Kardonski

Andrew Kardonski

Andrew Kardonski


Andrew Kardonski, a Miami-based agent with the Gambino Group, seamlessly blends his foundation in hospitality with a profound passion for entrepreneurship. Leveraging the Gambino Group's national reach and tailored approaches, Andrew ensures an unparalleled real estate experience for his clients.

Formerly the managing partner and COO of a thriving import/export business, Andrew spearheaded brand creation and acquisitions across diverse sectors. His expertise in sourcing, private investment, development, and sales laid the groundwork for his transition into the luxury real estate realm.

In addition to his real estate pursuits, Andrew serves as an investor and advisor in a prominent Miami-based gallery space and creative agency. Here, he passionately represents artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs, showcasing his commitment to fostering innovation in various industries. Andrew's multilingual proficiency and astute comprehension of the local luxury real estate market further enrich his diverse skill set.

Beyond the professional arena, Andrew's interests include flying airplanes as a licensed pilot, art collecting, and engaging in tennis and surfing. Recognized for his adept problem-solving abilities, fluid communication, and excellent negotiation skills, Andrew consistently strives for excellence in all his endeavors.